Thursday, September 6, 2012

Life in flip Flops by Sonja Brown Dechene

REVIEW:  Sonja Brown DeChene’s book, Life in Flip Flops, is a marvelous group of short stories spanning her lifetime. Several of DeChene’s stories allowed me the opportunity to go back into the recesses of my own memory and recall incidents from my childhood with my brother, fun times spent at ACS, difficult times in life, and pleasurable times spent at the beach with family. DeChene writes vividly of her love for her family and the beach, and time spent there with her family. I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially alumni of ACS. This book will make you smile and remember the simple pleasures of life. DeChene’s mantra throughout the book, and life, is to live simple, something for all of us to remember in this high tech, stressful world that we live in today.  (reviewed by Cyndi Parsons Phillips, Alamance Christian School Class of 1986)

BIO Sonja DeChene is an aspiring writer, photographer, and self-proclaimed beach bum living inland in the heart of beautiful North Carolina.

As a 1984 graduate of Alamance Christian School, then Sonja Brown, had no solid professional aspirations. After attending various classes at Alamance Community College over the years and sifting through several jobs that left her unfullfilled, she found herself led to the medical field in the late ‘90s. It was at this time when she began to develop skills and ambition that would later secure her an opportunity for a career at a nationally ranked healthcare facility. Sonja has been with UNC Healthcare for almost seven years now and is proud to be a part of the Orthopaedics Department. She currently works as a Surgery Coordinator and Administrative Lead.

Sonja credits her relationship with the Lord, strong family structure, and solid Christian education at ACS as just a few of the many elements that have been an integral part in her success as both a professional and a person.

She shares a piece of the American dream with her wonderful husband, David, and two precious kitties, Rumi and Sage. By day, she has a career in the corporate world, but the rest of the time she is living the simple southern life by choice and loving every minute of it. Life in Flip Flops is her first literary endeavor.

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