Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Animal Helpers Sanctuaries" by Jennifer Keats Curtis

ISBN: 9781607186236, $9.95
“Animal Helpers Sanctuaries”  is an interesting book that presents the problems that can arise when wild animals are taken in as pets.  This book presents well the dangers involved in having wild pets as well as some of the unforeseen issues that occur as the cute little baby grows into a large adult.  Of ten people find it difficult to keep such large pets because of expense as well as providing proper habitats.

 Curtis highlights the need for caring people and facilities to care for such animals.  This book has beautiful photographs of people helping these animals and the facilities that are in place for such animal care.  Teacher helps at the end of the book are great to enhance the information presented. (rev. C.Delorge)

About the author:Award-winning nature author Jennifer Keats Curtis is frequently found among students and teachers, talking about literacy and conservation. In addition to the Animal Helpers series, Baby Owl’s Rescue, and Turtles In My Sandbox for Sylvan Dell, some of her other recent titles include Seahorses, Osprey Adventure and Saving Squeak: The Otter Tale. Recently honored with the SoMIRAC Literacy Award for Outstanding Contributions to Literacy. Jennifer resides in Maryland with her family and a wide variety of pets. Visit her website at

DISCLOSURE: A complimentary copy of Animal Helpers Sanctuaries was provided by Sylvan Dell Publishing in exchange for our honest review. Opinions expressed are solely those of the reviewer.

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