Friday, December 6, 2013

"A Day in the Deep" by Kevin Kurtz & illustrated by Erin E. Hunter

About the book:  Travel deep into the ocean way below the surface and you'll encounter some creatures you never knew existed! This book takes you on a journey through the dark depths of the sea towards the ocean floor. Most ecosystems need sunlight, but deep in the ocean where the sun doesn't shine animals have adapted some very interesting ways to see, protect themselves, and eat. Discover the unique habitats, adaptations, and food chains of these deep -sea creatures.

Review:  This is an attractive book with illustrations pretty true to reality and not “cutesy” as far as the various sea creatures are concerned.  The book is written in verse style which engages the mind of the young reader for more comprehension and retention. 
Beginning with just below the surface where the sun still shines, the contents of the sea are described - the creatures and sea plants and their interaction. Moving on a bit deeper the light diminishes and the sea life changes. You see how the creatures’ habitats and strange shapes and abilities make them precisely suited for the depth of the sea in which they dwell. It is interesting to see the way life exists even at depths where survival would seem impossible. What is it like at 1,000 feet? Did you know that there is actually life at 5,000 below sea level?
There are four pages in the back of the book that offer opportunities for the creative mind to gain more information and perform activities to enhance their learning experience and enjoyment.  The publisher also offers more free activities online at  There is an entire collection of ocean-related titles available from Sylvan Dell Publishing.
Kevin Kurtz is also the author of A Day in the Salt Marsh and A Day on the Mountain. He has loved science, nature, and books since he was a kid. As an adult, he has worked as an educator for organizations such as the South Carolina Aquarium and the Science Factory Children’s Museum, and also onboard the research ship the JOIDES Resolution during an expedition in the South Pacific. Kevin currently lives in upstate New York, where he continues to write and visit schools to teach children about the wonders of nature. Visit Kevin's website. 

DISCLOSURE: A complimentary copy was provided by Sylvan Dell Publishing in exchange for this honest review. No compensation was received and opinions expressed are solely those of the reviewer.

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