Monday, May 12, 2014

Candle Bible Handbook by Terry Jean Day & Carol J. Smith; edited and revised by Dr. Tim Dowley

Ages 7 & up
Paperback $17.99
ISBN:  978-1-85985-586-7 
About the book:   The best book to have  beside your Bible!  Packed full with facts about every book in the Bible. FAQs explain some mysteries of the Bible.  Find out who wrote the Bible and why.  Discover the purpose of each book of the Bible. 

Lavishly illustrated with maps, time charts, photographs and panoramic illustrations.  Lots of background information on people and places of Bible times.  Study questions in every section.

Review:  This is an excellent Bible reference book.  It is beautifully illustrated with actual photographs of Israel and drawings of the temple and maps, to mention just a couple. 

Each book of the Bible has an outline of events, a brief summary of the book, frequently asked questions, study questions, and a “look out for” section.

This Handbook is clear, concise, and simple.  It is not overwhelming with information and could easily be used by teachers in a classroom setting regardless of the age.  It can be used during family devotion times and by individuals during their personal Bible study.   

I would highly recommend this handbook for new believers because of the simplicity of the information. (rev. P.Howard, Pastor's Wife)

DISCLOSURE:  A complimentary copy of Candle Buible Handbook was provided by Kregel Publications in exchange for our honest review. Opinions expressed are solely those of the reviewer and no compensation was received for this review.

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