Wednesday, December 10, 2014

If a Dolphin Were a Fish By Loran Wlodarski & Illustrated by Laurie Allen Klein

Hardcover ISBN: 9780976882329, $15.95
About the book:  "If a Dolphin Were a Fish" is the clever story of a dolphin who imagines that she is a fish, a turtle, a bird, an octopus, or even a shark or manatee. She (and the readers) learn just how special she really is and how special each of her other sea animal friends are too. The Creative Minds section has teaching trivia, crafts and games related to dolphins and some of her sea-creature friends.

Review: Delfina is a dolphin who wonders what it might be like to be another animal. The reader learns about other animals and how they live compared to Delfina, the dolphin.

The illustrations are wonderful and help to keep the reader engaged. They flow (like water) with a gentle artistry and the use of watercolors is beautifully executed. This is a beautifully written story - simply stated but engaging and educational. I recommend this book to everyone especially elementary children.  There is a section in the back called "For Creative Minds". This is an educational section for further learning.

Loran Wlodarski, author,   is a science writer for SeaWorld and has written six books for them in addition to his many normal daily responsibilities. He has been published in sources such as Grolier’s Encyclopedia for Children and The Marine Mammal Encyclopedia. 

Laurie Allen Klein, illustrator,  has been a freelance artist for nearly 25 years. Over the last several years, she has worked as the on-staff artist for a marine park, where she does everything from painting life-size sea animal murals to illustrating children’s activity books.
If a dolphin were a manatee,
Delfina would only eat plants.
If a dolphin were a fish,
Delphina could spend all of her time
DISCLOSURE: A complimentary copy was provided by Arbordale Publishing to facilitate this review. Opinions expressed are those of the reviewer. No compensation was received for this review.

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