Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Clouds: A Compare and Contrast Book by Katherine Hall

Paperback ISBN: 9781628554571, $9.95
About the book: There are many different kinds of clouds all around us. Clouds come in diverse shapes and colors. Some clouds are fluffy and others are wispy.  Some clouds float high in the sky and others sit low on the ground. Some clouds warn of storms and other clouds tell of fair weather.  Compare and contrast the characteristics of different types of clouds through vibrant photographs.

Review: This is a lovely picture book filled with photographs of the variety of clouds. Each cloud and picture spread has a single sentence giving a single statement about the type of cloud depicted. It is a descriptive statement and not a definitive one. I would have like to have seen the actual type of cloud pictured named. If not in the actual text, then in a little side box.

The back of the book contains a variety of information about vapor and condensation and the creation of clouds. This is the “For Creative Minds” section and will generate some activity to explore evaporation and condensation.

The four major categories of clouds are identified and there is a matching activity to facilitate learning.

All in all, this is a basic and nicely done book. At first it comes across a bit flat to the reader, but upon further in-depth reading and exploration one can find much to learn.

DISCLOSURE: A complimentary copy was provided by Arbordale Publishing to facilitate this review. Opinions expressed are solely those of the reviewer. No compensation was received for this review.

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