Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Seaver the Weaver by Paul Czajak, pictures by The Brothers Hilts

ISBN13: 9781938063572
About the book: Seaver is an orb spider with a sky full of inspiration. His siblings prefer tradition and aren’t afraid to let him know. But Seaver doesn’t mind! He loves his new shapes and isn’t afraid to stand out. Told with quiet charm, this picture book tangles readers in a web of delight.

Review:  Seaver the Weaver is a delightful story about an orb spider who has a unique outlook on weaving his own path.  Seaver has many brothers and sisters who tell him that they are orb spiders and they weave round webs and that if he wants to be an orb weaver, “then your web needs to look like ours.”  Seaver wants to do like his brothers and sisters tell him, but he can’t resist the beautiful shapes he sees in the night sky and takes great pride in weaving those shapes.  Each time his family reminds him that he is an orb weaver and must weaver round webs, he looks at their webs all round, perfect, and empty and says that he’ll try to do better next time, but he "must now tend to his guest."

This is a good book about how sometimes it can be a good thing to not always do the normal. I felt that the author and illustrator were insightful in having Seaver make a correlation between the night sky constellations and the varied shapes he wove. The artistry of triangles, octagons, and other shapes different from the traditional round orb's woven by Orb Spiders.

Seaver the Weaver is written by the same author of the “Monster & Me" books, and he has woven a wonderful web of words.  The illustrations are simple, childlike and beautiful.  This is a fun book! (reviewed by P.Howard)

DISCLOSURE: A complimentary copy was provided by the publisher to facilitate this review. Opinions are solely those of reviewer. No compensation was received for this review.

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