Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Story of the Nativity retold by Elena Pasquali and illustrated by Sophie Windham

  • ISBN-13: 978-0745965413
  • Hardcover $16.99
No doubt the Nativity Story is one of the greatest true stories ever told and generally one that is easily retold and enjoyed.  However, I absolutely did not like this particular re-telling of the Nativity Story.  To be more definitive, the illustrations used to re-tell the story I immensely dislike.  They feel very depressing and the illustrator has included these strange looking cats in most of the pictures.  The drawing that I dislike the most however is the one at the very end of the book that is apparently her thought of how Christ looked as a young boy.  It has a very effeminate and unreal look.  While we cannot know exactly what Christ did look like, I don’t believe he looked like a girl!
“The Story of the Nativity” has no obvious errors as retold, it most definitely is not a re-telling that I enjoyed.  There are other books that have done a far better job in both the story line and the illustrations and would be a better investment of both your money and time. (rev. P.Howard)

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