Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Shattered" by Dani Pettrey

Review:  Shattered by Dani Pettrey is the second book in a series called Alaskan Courage.

Piper McKenna's brother is arrested for the murder of a ski competitor in Yancey, Alaska.  Witnesses saw the girl's lifeless body in his arms.  Piper always protective of her younger brother believes him when he claims that Karli was already dead when he walked into the room.  Piper along with her childhood friend the deputy sheriff Landon Grainger embarks on a journey that takes them to several places in Alaska and Canada to discover the true identity of Karli's killer.

Shattered is a romantic suspense novel that keeps the reader guessing throughout the pages of this intriguing mystery.  In addition, the main characters, the close-knit McKenna family, and the quick, lively dialogue captivate the reader's attention.

If I were to search for any unbelievable aspect of this book, it would be that a whole middle-class family could leave their jobs and homes in order to make expensive journeys around two countries in search of clues to solve the mystery of a murder.  On the other hand, I'm sure most families would use whatever resources were available to help their brother, who was unjustly accused of murder. Despite this minor observation, Shattered is well-written, surprising the reader with the unusual conclusion to the novel.  It is well-worth reading. (Book review by Sharon Fuqua)

About the author: Dani Pettrey is a wife, homeschooling mom, and author. She feels blessed to write inspirational romantic suspense because it incorporates so many things she loves--the thrill of adventure, nail biting suspense, the deepening of her characters' faith, and plenty of romance. She and her husband reside in Maryland with their two teenage daughters. Visit her website at
DISCLOSURE:  A complimentary copy of Shattered was provided by Litfuse Publicity Group on behalf of  Bethany House Publishers and the author, Dani Pettrey, in exchange for our honest review. Opinions expressed are solely those of the reviewer.

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