Monday, April 7, 2014

Animal Helpers: Aquariums by: Jennifer Keats Curtis

About the book:  Where else could you stay dry while visiting aquatic animals from around the world? Only in an aquarium can you visit and learn about all these different local and exotic animals. Aquarium staff care for and teach about these animals, as well as work to conserve and protect threatened and endangered species. Follow this behind-the-scenes photographic journal as it leads you into the wondrous world of aquariums and the animal helpers who work there. 

Review:  Aquariums are an amazing place to view fresh and salt water animals up close. Children and adults alike learn different ways to educate themselves and learn more about specific animals and how to conserve their species. You'll find in an aquarium many different jobs and volunteering opportunities available. 

The vibrant photography through out this book keeps the reader engaged from start through finish. Aquariums all over the United States are photographed. 

In the back of this nonfiction book is a specific section called "For Creative Minds." This section is a great tool that offers many educational tools that may be used in the classroom or if the reader would like to review the material they just read. True or false, animal fun facts, along with numerous online recommendations for further research is listed. 

I recommend this book to everyone, whether the reader is an animal enthusiast or not. (rev. Beth Barlow, Parent)

About the author:  Jennifer Keats Curtis is an award-winning nature lover author. You will find many of her books highlight animal conservation and is dedicated her life to teaching others about animals.

DISCLOSURE: A complimentary copy was provided by Abordale Publishing (formerly Sylvan Dell Publishing) in exchange for our honest review. Opinions expressed are solely those of the reviewer and no compensation was received for this review.

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