Monday, March 31, 2014

Chin Up, Charlie Be Brave by Sarah Eason

ISBN: 9780766043053
Enslow Publishers $16.95

Like all children, Charlie sometimes is just a bit scared. He has lots of choices to make—but which are the brave ones?

Here at Alamance Christian School, the librarian chose to read this book to several groups of children of varying ages. Here are some of their comments:
"K4 and K5 really enjoyed this book. It encourages them to stay brave." (Mrs. Wells, Librarian)
"I like this book because it talked about how Charlie can be brave even though he is scared. If Charlie can do that, that means you can, too! I also like it because it gives you choices to help Charlie decide whether he should do the right thing or not. It then gives Charlie and you the courage to do the right thing." (J. Lyles, 5th grade)

"I like this book because it lets you make the choices. I also like it because it talks about how you don't have to be shy." (undisclosed student)

The illustrations done in full color with simple line drawings capture the emotions of Charlie as he seeks to make his choices.

DISCLOSURE: A complimentary  hardcover copy of Chin Up, Charlie Be Brave was provided by Enslow Publisher in exchange for our honest review. No compensation was received for the review. Opinions expressed are solely our own.

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