Monday, February 25, 2013

"Congo Dawn" by Jeanette Windle

Review:  I must admit that when I began reading this book I found it overloaded with details and very difficult vocabulary.  Had I not promised to do a book review, I would not have continued reading.  But, as a result of a promise, I did continue reading and around page 65 began to find it difficult to put the book down.  As the book opens, the author Jeanette Windle, informs the reader of a great deal of the history of Africa and the Congo in particular.  She also introduces many characters and locations.  When the story began to take on a plot, what emerged was a wonderful tale of failed dreams, disappointment and misunderstandings, forgiveness and eventually peace that accompanies trusting in our sovereign Creator who is working all things together for good.

Robin Duncan, an ex-Marine lieutenant, has been hired to serve as translator on an assignment to a mining camp in the Congo which is owned and operated by Ares Solutions and its CEO Trevor Mulroney.  Rather quickly, Robin finds herself in the midst of untold corruption and conspiracy that has spread its ugly reach far beyond the local villagers to many in high ranking levels of government both in Africa and other parts of the world.  This story weaves throughout its pages the dangers of making hasty judgments, stooping to all kinds of evil just to secure more of the “mighty dollar,” holding damaging grudges; and then, as the light of the gospel is spread, the story of truth, forgiveness, and trust in almighty God who is sovereign over all and uses all (both good and evil) to accomplish His will.  It doesn’t hurt that a love story is also woven through the pages.  I can recommend this book to be read by an upper level reader who is willing to persevere through its detailed beginning to find a delightful, informative read. (rev. J. La Tour)

More about the book from Tyndale:
  While former Marine lieutenant Robin Duncan is no stranger to corruption or conspiracy, she has always been able to tell the good guys from the bad, and the Congo jungle at first seems no different. But as her security team tries to track down an insurgent killer, Robin has to face a man who broke her trust years ago, and she discovers the gray areas extend farther in this jungle wilderness than she anticipated.

A ruthless global conspiracy begins to surface, run by powerful men who can’t afford to leave any witnesses. Her life at stake, Robin doesn’t know who to trust and wonders how she can help protect innocent people. Why is God silent amid all the pain and injustice? And how do these people of faith continue to rejoice in their suffering?

About the author:  Jeanette Windle, as the child of missionary parents, award-winning author and journalist, grew up in the rural villages, jungles, and mountains of Colombia, now guerrilla hot zones. Her detailed research and writing is so realistic that it has prompted government agencies to question her to determine if she has received classified information. Currently based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Jeanette has lived in six countries and traveled in more than twenty. She has more than a dozen books in print, including Betrayed, Veiled Freedom and Freedom's Stand, as well as, the political/suspense best seller CrossFire. Visit the author's website
DISCLOSURE: A complimentary copy was provided by Tyndale Blog Network on behalf of the author and publisher in exchange for our honest review. Opinions expressed are solely those of the reviewer.

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