Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Don't Be a Chicken" by Binks & Illustrated by Ruby Begonia

This is a fun book geared to any child who likes animals and colorful pictures. The cartoon illustrations by Ruby Begonia will entice any young reader. There are even funny captions inside the cartoons that appeal to the adult reading the book, too. 

The story is about a chicken named Hennie who was given an abandoned egg to care for. The egg was not her own. Hennie accepted the egg and sat on it until it hatched. The chickens accepted the c"hicken" that was so different than they were and embraced the spirit of adventure that the bird so nicely displays. At the end of the book, the title comes to full circle. This book made me laugh.

What can be learned? Everybody deserves to be accepted and embraced for the differences that each individual possesses.(rev. M.Hicks)

DISCLOSURE: A copy was given to the school and we reviewed.

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