Monday, August 5, 2013

"Home Run" by Travis Thrasher

Home Run grabbed my attention right from the beginning. It continued to hold it right to the very end. This is a story of redemption and the long-reaching hand of God’s grace. Home Run is a story that may hit “home” with many people who are dealing with just the hardships of life. I did like his writing style and the way he used a flash-back method to give you background on the characters.

While some of the subject matter may be difficult for some people, I felt it was very real and raw at times. I do not believe this book is necessarily appropriate for younger, middle-school readers because of the subject matter. I urge caution in allowing younger children to read it because the characters in the book are dealing with an abusive and alcoholic parent, a relationship issue that ultimate ends in an teen pregnancy, and the main character realizing that he himself has turned into what he hated about his father.

Although the author’s characters in the book had some significant life issues, he also was very clear that God was most definitely the only answer to their problems. It was not a cookie cutter spiritual transformation, but was more in line with what a daily Christian walk is – one simple step and total dependency on God’s mercy and grace. (reviewed P.Howard)

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