Monday, August 5, 2013

"The Letters" by Suzanne Woods Fisher

This is the first book that I’ve read in the Stoney Ridge series by Suzanne Woods Fisher and I thoroughly enjoyed it.   I found the characters very believable and easy to identify with.  Everyone has problems and trials in their lives and I appreciated the foundation of faith and dependency upon God that Ms. Fisher has woven throughout the book.
The Letters Suzanne Woods Fisher
Enter Today - 8/1--8/17
The main character, Rose Schrock, finds herself in a life situation that is not uncommon for many women.  Her husband has passed away and she is left to care for five children and her mother-in-law, who often times is very bitter and condemning of Rose and her choices.  Rose’s deceased husband Dean has made some very poor financial decisions that has left Rose in a difficult position.  Rose has begged the Lord to give her direction in how to support her family.  She believes that He has done just that when she overhears a husband & wife talking in a merchant’s shop about trying to get home before the nighttime because neither wishes to drive after dark.  Suddenly an idea begins to form in Rose’s mind and heart that she could offer them a bedroom at her home for the night and the idea of a bed and breakfast takes root from this couple’s dilemma.  Rose fully expects to meet with opposition from her mother-in-law and possibly the Bishop within the Amish community. 

She shares this bed and breakfast idea with her neighbor, Galen King, and he offers to help her renovate the basement into a small bed & breakfast.  Rose’s older daughter Bethany is not fully on board with the bed and breakfast idea, but Rose’s younger children are very supportive. 

When the first couple that stayed at Rose’s house spreads the word about the new bed and breakfast in Stoney Ridge, people begin calling and wanting to make reservations.  Rose and the children find themselves with several very interesting visitors.  Rose also realizes that she is able to share her faith with a few of the visitors.  However, near the end of the book a mystery develops which made for a very intriguing end of the story. 

I will repeat – this was a very enjoyable book and a delight to read.  I highly recommend. (reviewed P.Howard)

DISCLOSURE: A review copy was provided to us by the publisher, Revell a division of Baker Publishing Group for the purpose of our honest review. Opinions expressed are solely those of the reviewer.

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