Tuesday, January 14, 2014

(Review & Giveaway) Animal Helpers: Zoos by Jennifer Keats Curtis

Paperback $9.95
ISBN: 9781607188506 
About the book:   Zoos are amazing places to see and learn about the many native and exotic of animals that inhabit this world. Some animals are plentiful while others are threatened or in danger of extinction. Zookeepers not only feed and care for these animals, they may also be helping to conserve and protect whole species through breeding and “head start” programs. Follow the extraordinary duties of these unusual animal helpers in this behind-the-scenes photographic journal.

My thoughts: Award-winning nature author Jennifer Keats Curtis has created another in her series of “Animal Helpers” - Zoos -  that is spot-on with its text, illustrations, and educational pages at the back of the book.

Animal Helpers: Zoos inquires of the reader whether they could do certain things for the animals in the zoos.  It asks the reader could you do….. while picturing a zoo worker scrubbing a rhino’s foot or giving a baby moose a bottle – all daily incidentals that occupy a zoo worker.

The book presents facts in a subtle way – “Zoos are safe, permanent homes for native and exotic animals.” – letting the child understand that there are many types of animals housed in the zoo.

The interest level of this book can span preschool through middle elementary grades.  For the older child, the “For Creative Minds” section at the end of the book can present ideas and facts that will engage him. This is a book that examines the zoo employee’s work and also gives information that will intrigue and inform on different levels. Example: Occupations of Zookeepers, Zoologists and Veterinarian are described with enough detail that a child can comprehend that there are differences while they all deal with the care and/or understanding of animals.
GIVEAWAY: Enter to win one copy of Animal Helpers Zoos provided by SylvanDell Publishing for that special child in your life. Begins January 14 & ENDS February 4 @ 12:01 a.m. EDT. Open to contiguous USA.

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Comments from the young students at Alamance Christian School:  
  • I liked it because it's cute.
  • I liked the baby alligator.
  • I liked all the baby animals. I really liked the 'gater.
  • I liked the monkeys.
  • I liked the baby polar bear.
  • I liked all the cool animals in the book.
  • I loved it! The pictures are so cute. 
DISCLOSURE: A complimentary copy of Animal Helpers Zoos was provided by Sylvan Dell Publishers in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are solely my own. The winner’s complimentary copy is also provided directly to them by Sylvan Dell.

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