Friday, January 17, 2014

(Review & Giveaway) "The Fort on Fourth Street: A Story about the Six Simple Machines" by Lois Spangler & illustrated by Christina Wald

Paperback  $9.95
ISBN: 9781607186328
About the book: When a young child decides to build a fort in the backyard, Grandpa comes forward to help. But they can’t do it alone—they get help from the six simple machines: lever, pulley, inclined plane, wheel and axle, screw, and wedge. Told in cumulative rhyme, similar to The House That Jack Built, this story follows grandfather and grandchild as they build a fort together from start to finish.

Review: Who better to give a review of a children's book than the little ones themselves? Well, our librarian read the book to several class groups and here is what they are saying....
  • "I like the book and the dog." Zoe...K4
  • "I liked the  book. My favorite part was when he built the fort." Qunicy...K4
  • "I liked it! I've always wanted to build a fort that wouldn't fall over or I can fit in." Preston.... 2nd
  • "I like it! I like the room that had science stuff in it because I like science." Konnor 1st
  • "The book was great! I really liked the science stuff and the pulley." Chandler.... 1st 
  • "It was awesome! I like that they built a fort. I've always wanted to build one." Zack... 4th
Now from a "grown-up" perspective, The illustrations are very well done showing grand dad and the kids building a fort and the pets are romping on the pages. But the really engaging part is that it is a story in rhyme with a story within the story. As the main story of building a fort using six simple machines progresses, the right hand page recounts the story line (sort of akin to "this is the house that Jack built"). Gramps has a design (just like a real builder would have) and with his measuring instruments and six simple machines he builds the fort. 
Near the end the rhyme concludes...
At last, I look around and what do I see?
Six simple machines used to build a fort for me!
We used wheels and axles, a wedge, some screws, 
a pulley, a lever, and an inclined plane, too!!
The back of the book has several pages for creative minds to explore simple machines, tools, and hands on information. A great opportunity to use a fun book to teach, and teach, and teach some more.

GIVEAWAY: Enter to win one copy of The Fort on Fourth Street: A Story about the Six Simple Machines provided by SylvanDell Publishing for one of our readers. Begins January 17 & ENDS February 10 @ 12:01 a.m. EDT.
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DISCLOSURE: A complimentary copy of The Fort on Fourth Street: A Story about the Six Simple Machines was provided by SylvanDell Publishing in exchange for this honest review. Opinions expressed are solely ours. The winner’s complimentary copy is also provided directly to them by Sylvan Dell.

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