Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Muskie Attack: An Up North Adventure by G.M. Moore

ISBN:  978-1-936236-30-5
Paperback $11.95

Muskie Attack is a book set in Northern Wisconsin.  Eleven year old Corebett is a city boy who is sent up North to visit for the summer with his Uncle.  He makes friends with Pike, a real outdoors boy.  He and Pike have numerous adventures at Whispering Pines which Corbett’s uncle manages.  In the course of their adventures Corbett discovers he loves fishing.  This is quite amazing for a boy who cannot stand bugs when he arrives.  There is a bit of mystery in the story as sightings of a huge Muskie,  entice the boys into entering the fishing contest.  The contest was initiated  to try and catch this monstrous beast.  Numerous fishermen are injured in the contest but the boys are determined to  enter and risk their lives in the process.

This is a great boy adventure book.  It is a heart warming story about Corbett whose one longing and desired is to be noticed by his recently divorced and very busy parents.  His character is well developed and it is pleasing to see the growth he makes in the course of the story. 

I think this is a good choice for middle school students.  It is not a long book and may even interest some who love to fish.  It is set in today’s world and I think it would appeal to many students. (---reviewed by A.Freeman)

About the author: G.M. Moore is a former newspaper writer and editor.  The author grew up exploring the lakes of northern Wisconsin and currently resides in Illinois.

Website for Up North Adventures:  http://upnorthadventure-series.com  There are two other books in the Up North Adventure Series:  Ancient Elk Hunt and Snakehead Invasion.
FREE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:  October 23, 24, 25, 2012  you may get a FREE Kindle download at Amazon.com.  Links are: Muskie Attack, Ancient Elk Hunt, Snakehead Invasion

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