Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Save the Lemmings" by Kai Strand

Our thoughts:  Natalie Edwards is known as a NICE girl in her school.  Natalie is also a young inventor.  Her life changes forever when her latest invention, the Texty-Talky, is a national sensation.  Natalie travels all around the country doing radio interviews, talk shows, and photo shoots. Her fame starts to get to her friends Soon even her closest friends are ignoring her. The bad part is, Natalie doesn’t even know why they are mad. A reporter decides to crush her reputation as the NICE girl when he reports an incident involving graffiti.  When all of her fame turns bad, even her most admired teacher believes all of the horrible rumors. Natalie is faced with overcoming the lies being spread about her.   Will she lose her friends forever?    

I truly enjoyed this Kai Strand book and look forward to reading more of her books. (Reviewed by M.Ingram)

Author Website: www.kaistrand.com
Twitter URL: @KaiStrand
 DISCLOSURE: A complimentary softcover copy of  Save the Lemmings  was provided by World Of Ink Network on behalf of the author and publisher.

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  1. This is a terrific series. Kai Strand knows how to weave a good story - along with her characters.

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