Thursday, April 11, 2013

"Lost in Lexicon - An Adventure in Words and numbers" by Pendred Noyce

About the book:  When thirteen-year-old cousins Ivan and Daphne go on a treasure hunt in the rain one summer day, they never expect to stumble into a whole new world where words and numbers run wild.

After the cousins outwit a plague of punctuation, grateful villagers beg them to find Lexicon’s missing children, who have been enticed away by dancing lights in the sky. Trekking between villages in search of clues, the cousins encounter a talking thesaurus, a fog of forgetting, the Mistress of Metaphor, a panel of poets, feuding parts of speech, and the illogical mathematicians of Irrationality. When a careless Mathemystical reflects them across the border into the ominous Land of Night, their peril deepens. Kidnapped, imprisoned, and mesmerized—with time running out—will Ivan and Daphne find a way to solve the mystery of the lights in the sky and restore the lost children of Lexicon to their homes?

Review: A fun book to read.  It's target age is 9-12 year olds; however, older "kids" will certainly enjoy this book as well.  Ivan & Daphne are cousins spending the summer at their Aunt Adelaide's farm.  Aunt Adelaide forbids Ivan and Daphne to have any "tech" gadgets while visiting.  They have played every card game, board game and read all the books Aunt Adelaide has to offer.  Quickly becoming bored, Ivan and Daphne begin to argue and fight.  Tired of their arguing, Aunt Adelaide sends them out to the barn with a riddle.  Ivan and Daphne discover another world full of adventure -- a world full of grammar and riddles. 

In this day when tech gadgets and internet seemed to have replaced the printed word, this book reminds us of how much fun reading can be.  For those readers who just have to have their computer time, there is a nice website of words games:  

Although the book is a little lengthy, it is definitely worth the read.

DISCLOSURE: A complimentary copy of Lost in Lexicon was given in exchange for our honest review from Scarletta Publishing on behalf of the author. 

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