Thursday, April 11, 2013

"The Ice Castle -- An Adventure in Music - Lexicon Adventure Series Book Two" by Pendred Noyce

About the book:   “The music hinted at beauty and adventure. She took a breath, turned around, and plunged into the forest.”

The return to Lexicon begins when thirteen-year-old cousins Ivan and Daphne find their Aunt Adelaide deathly ill. Leaving their aunt to rest, Ivan and Daphne accidentally let their younger cousin, Lila, in on their secret world of Lexicon.

Ivan and Daphne must track Lila, who disappears, through the frozen landscape to the Land of Winter where social status and freedom are determined by how well one sings. Fortunately for Lila, her musical talent lands her in the most favorable place. Separated by class now, the cousins face cold, hunger, poverty, illness, injustice, and the malicious plotting of a power-hungry blind man. Slave, servant, and fine lady, the three cousins must escape their own imprisonment before they reunite, provoke a revolution, and restore spring to the Land of Winter.

Review: Pendred Noyce has once again written a really fun book to read.  Although this book is more lengthy than Ms. Noyce's first book, "Lost in Lexicon," it is still enjoyable.

Ivan receives a package in the mail from Aunt Adelaide.  Knowing that she would not have sent it unless something was seriously wrong, Ivan and Daphne learn that Aunt Adelaide is gravely ill and near death.  While visiting Aunt Adelaide, she makes some mysterious comments that cause Ivan and Daphne to return to the secret world of Lexicon.  Only this time, their younger cousin Lila learns of the secret world and follows them.   Their return to the world of Lexicon takes them through some wonderful adventures where "your social status and freedom are determined by how well one sings."

It is wonderful how a book can be so entertaining while being educational as well.  "The Ice Castle" is the second book in a series.  Looking forward future books from Ms. Noyce.  (rev P.Howard)

Author information:  Pendred (Penny) Noyce is a doctor, education reformer, and writer. She grew up in Silicon Valley, California, surrounded by apricot orchards and fields of mustard. Along with her brother and sisters, she rode ponies, put on plays, and explored the rapidly changing countryside.

As an adult, Penny has practiced internal medicine, supervised medical residents, and become a leader in Massachusetts mathematics and science education reform. She serves on a number of nonprofit boards.

DISCLOSURE: We received a complimentary copy of The Ice Castle in exchange for our honest review from Scarletta Publishing

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