Monday, April 29, 2013

Our Earth's Oceans series: by Doreen Gonzales

Author Doreen Gonzales is an elementary school teacher and she has written a series of marvelous resource books for upper elementary - Our Earth's Oceans.  Each book is less than 50 pages with additional resources at the back of each book.  So much information packed into a few pages.  These books are well laid out with beautiful pictures.  Each page also has a short side bar attached a picture with wonderful tidbits of information. I highly recommend these books even for general reading.  A student cannot go wrong using these books for any type of school report!
Today's review features three of the Our Earth's Oceans books:  The Huge Pacific Ocean, The Mighty Atlantic Ocean, and The Frigid Artic Ocean. Each book shows the distinctively different attributes of these wonderful resources on the Earth - oceans!  The books focus on the ocean's resources, the floor, life of that ocean, and exploration of that particular ocean. 

I particularly like that while the books are obviously written to be resource and informational books for elementary children, they have research attributes for elementary students who are just learning to use and will use throughout life as life-long learners: glossary, fact sheet, bibliography, and index. (rev. P.Howard & V.Godley)

DISCLOSURE: Complimentary copies of these books were given to us by Enslow Publishers, Inc. in exchange for our honest review. Opinions expressed were solely our own.

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