Monday, April 22, 2013

"Taylor’s Gift –A Courageous Story of Giving Life and Renewing Hope" by Todd & Tara Storch

Hardcover; $21.99 April 2013

224 pages

ISBN: 9780800721886

About the book:  On what was supposed to be the family trip of a lifetime, thirteen-year-old Taylor Storch's life was tragically cut short after a horrific ski accident two years ago. As Taylor lay unresponsive in the ICU, Todd and Tara clung to any shred of hope that they would see their daughter smile again. Devastated and still in shock about the accident, they were asked a question no parents think they will ever hear: “Would you be willing to donate Taylor’s organs?”

Their answer would change their family’s lives forever and provide hope during their darkest moments. It would also save the lives of five desperate people anxiously waiting for a new heart, a new liver, new corneas and a new kidney.  

Now Todd and Tara Storch, with New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Schuchmann, share their heartbreaking, yet inspirational story, shining a light for those enduring their own ocean of grief. Todd and Tara share the ugly side of their grief. Todd’s impulse to bury himself in work and even worse, to just leave. Tara's inability to come out of the fog of grief for months. Taylor’s death could have destroyed them. Instead, her gift of life brought them hope, knowing her heart had never stopped beating.

Review:Taylor’sGift is a heart-breaking and heart-lifting story at the same time.  The Storch’s lost their daughter, 13-year oldTaylor, in March 2010 while on a family ski trip.  It was the last time down the slopes and Taylor lost control and hit a tree.  Her Dad and brother were witnesses; Mom and sister were back at the lodge waiting.  Todd and Tara Storch made the most difficult decision and that was to donate Taylor ’s organs.  The paths their lives take after making this decision is what Taylor ’s Gift is all about.

Their story is not unique because they lost a child.  It is unique because they chose to tell everyone about their loss and the positive that came out of their grief – an organization dedicated to spreading valuable information about the benefit of organ donation.  The Storchs tell how they met the recipients of their daughter’s organs and the connection felt with each one.

I could not put the book down and I shed many tears while reading the Storchs’ story.  The pain and reality of their loss was evident in each page of the book.  I do not recommend this book for casual reading; but I’m glad that I had the opportunity to read it.  It gave me a newfound respect for those who have suffered such a loss. (rev. P.Howard)

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