Thursday, June 20, 2013

Double Vision by F.T. Bradley

Review: Lincoln Baker is a 12-year old boy who seems to stay in trouble on a daily basis.  Linc is a jokester whose antics finally catch up with him on a school field trip.  Their teacher, Mrs. Valdez has made arrangements for her class to take a tour of a chicken farm.  Only one restriction, Farmer Johnson does not want the students to go anywhere near the barns where the chickens are housed.  Well, Linc just can’t resist and encouraged by his friends, he puts his plan in motion.  Problem…Linc ends up letting all the chickens out of the barn.  Farmer Johnson is furious and hires a lawyer to sue Linc’s parents for the cost of damages to the chickens and the farm.

Linc’s parents are your normal, middle-class family and certainly can’t afford a million dollar lawsuit.  They are still recovering from Linc’s last trouble.  When some government agents show up on Linc’s doorstep offering a way to make the lawsuit disappear, Linc says yes and the government agents convince his parents to send him to “reform camp for trouble makers.”  Turns out that these secret agents need Linc’s help because he looks exactly like one of the junior spies, Benjamin Green, who has gone missing.  They need Linc to recover a package that could threaten national security.

Linc is suddenly thrown into the world of espionage and travels to France for a meeting that the real Junior Agent Benjamin Green was supposed to keep.  While Linc may look like Benjamin Greene, he is definitely not a secret agent.  Along the way, Linc must use his own special “jokester” skills to avoid capture and meets some very interesting people.  With the help of a young girl named Francoise, Linc works to recover the package and solve the mystery of the missing Benjamin Green.

This was a really good read.  While targeted for the age group of 8-12, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was fast pace without losing the reader and I thought the antics of the main character were very much in line with what a lot of 12-year olds might actually try.  Apparently this is the first book in a triology, and I look forward to reading the other two books.  I easily recommend this book! (Rev. P.Howard)

DISCLOSURE: We received a complimentary copy in exchange for our honest review. Opinions expressed are solely those of the reviewer.

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