Friday, June 21, 2013

Lincoln by Harold Holzer

How did President Abraham Lincoln come to believe that slavery was "morally wrong," and that Congress needed to pass a law to abolish it once and for all? What did he do in January 1865—three months before he was assassinated—to ensure passage of the Thirteenth Amendment?

This fast-paced, riveting book answers these questions and more as it tells the story of Lincoln's life and times from his upbringing in Kentucky and Illinois, through his work as a lawyer and congressman, to his candidacies and victory in two Presidential elections. It also describes Lincoln's duties in the Civil War as Commander-in-Chief, his actions as President, and his relationships with his family, his political allies and rivals, and the public who voted for and against him. Harold Holzer makes an important era in American history come alive for readers of all ages.

An official companion to Steven Spielberg's Oscar® award-winning film Lincoln, the book also includes thirty historical photographs, a chronology, a cast of characters, texts of selected Lincoln writings and speeches, a bibliography, and a foreword by the author about his experience working as a consultant on the movie. ( description)

Review:  An absolutely great book!!!  Easily a companion to any history class studying the life of Abraham Lincoln.  While most Americans know who Abraham Lincoln was, they can only tell you that he was President during the Civil War and he freed the slaves.  There is so much more to Lincoln’s life.  Based on facts in the book, apparently Lincoln was the first presidential candidate to suggest a presidential debate.

Do you know why Lincoln grew a beard or that he and his wife Mary went through every parent’s nightmare of losing more than one child? 

This book would serve as a great resource for any student having to do a term paper on Lincoln.  It is easy to read and is full of information.  In fact, its one drawback may be that the author was trying to put too much information in the book.  Regardless, I highly recommend this book for anyone remotely interested in the life of our 16th President Abraham Lincoln. (Rev. P.Howard)

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