Saturday, July 27, 2013

Firsthand: Ditching Secondhand Religion for a Faith of Your Own by Brent and Josh Shook

ISBN: 9780307886293
Brent and Josh Shook are two preacher's sons who knew all the right thing to do and say, but Christianity was their parent's religion--not theirs. When they reached their late teen years and early twenties, they started questioning their faith and sharing their innermost feeling with a few good friends. Through that process they found that the Bible is real and relevant. Their book  is a practical encouragement to seek God through the Bible, good friends, and community.

I liked the "Making it Real" section at the end of each chapter. There are testimonials, searching questions, and tips to help a person find the true answers. Ryan made short films on the web to remind himself and others that there is more to the Christian life. Go to to watch one of them.

I am more conservative in my worship and lifestyle than was talked about in the book, but I appreciate Brent and Josh's desire to serve the Lord wholeheartedly with the talents God has given to them. Many young people "lose" their faith in their twenties because it was never theirs. This is a good book to help Christian young people discover their relationship with God. (reviewed by M.Reynolds)

DISCLOSURE: A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for our honest review. Opinions expressed are solely those of the reviewer.

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